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You Deserve More

You deserve so much more than the excuses, than the punchlines, than the waiting game, than all the things he told you but never really mean it.

You deserve the truth.
And darling, he does not deserve the sunshines you give him.
He does not deserve all the concern and patience you put up just so you could “understand” him
Do not let his confusions, confuse you. It is for him to mend the brokenness of his whole being.


Do not question whatever there is, you think is, lacking of you, because
YOU are already enough.

You are enough for the person that is yet to come. Or the person that is yet to find out the heart that you have. Waste no more second of your life figuring out the puzzles of his twisted logic.

Someone who is about to come will make you understand who he is, he will not be perfect but he will choose to make you understand his imperfections and as he pursues you, he will choose to pursue the healing of his heart too.

Darling, you deserve so much more. You deserve someone better. Let it go.
Just, let him go. That someone is about to come.


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