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Reaching You


I wonder where you are right now. How do you look like? How has been your day? What have you been up to? I wonder how you smile at simple and great things. I will always wonder. About you.

Because I haven’t met you just yet. Or maybe I have, I may not have been looking right at you. I may have passed by you in the sidewalk, you might have passed me by while we were both busy chasing things that we thought were meant for ours.

Sometimes, I often wish you’d stop appearing in my dreams and start appearing in my life. I’d always wonder how will we ever meet for the first time. How you say your first hello to me and what it would be like to finally talk to you.

But I sigh in peace.


Knowing that somewhere out there, wherever you may be, I’m pretty sure God has placed you somewhere according to His plan.
And He has placed me accordingly as well.

And knowing this, I’ll pray for you unceasingly, for whatever you need and whatever God sees that you need. I have hope that sooner or later, I’ll meet you. I don’t know when or how but I know I will. Until then, all these wonders are contented with my prayers. May they reach you tonight.


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